Emergency and Crisis Lines

Calgary Police (Non-Emergency) 403-266-1234
Ambulance (Non-Emergency) 403-261-4000
Alcohol/Drugs/Full Family Help 403-253-5250
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-387-5437
Child Find 270-3463
Children's Cottage (24 hrs. Crisis Nursery) 403-233-2273
Distress Centre/Drug Centre 403-266-1605
Hospital - Rockyview 403-541-3000
Hospital - Children's 403-229-7211
Parent Stress Line 265-1117
Poison Centre 403-670-1414
Sexual Assault Centre 237-5888
Suicide Crisis Line 403-266-0700 or 403-266-1605
Women's Emergency Shelter 403-232-8717


Public Schools

Ethel M. Johnson EL 403-777-8500
Robert Warren JH 403-777-7960
Janet Johnstone EL 403-777-8670
Dr. E.P. Scarlet HS 403-281-3366


Catholic Schools

Father Doucet EL 403-254-1882
Our Lady of Peace EL/JH 403-254-5446
Bishop Paul O'Byrne HS 403-252-4320



Abandoned Vehicles 403-974-0545
Alberta One-Call (buried utility lines) 1-800-242-3447
Animal - Injured and Stray Pets 403-250-7722
Animal Control 403-268-1160 or 403-268-1155 (after hours)
Alberta Health Care 403-297-6411
Bicycles (lost or stolen) 403-291-0087
By-law Issues 403-268-CITY
City of Calgary 403-268-2111
City of Calgary Electrical - Trouble Calls Only 268-2822
Graffiti Hotline 403-221-3868
Library - Fish Creek 403-221-2090
Library - Shawnessy 403-221-2072
Road Conditions 403-246-5853
Streets/Roads - Request for Sanding 403-268-4933
Traffic Signal Lights Trouble 403-230-2644
Weather Information 403-299-7878

Volunteer Community Coordinators:

Babysitting Coordinator Vacant     
Scouts Canada
(Beavers, Cubs, Scouts...)
Heather Boyd 402-313-2113 www.207scouts.ca
Block Parent Rachel Ashmore 403-254-0828  
Block Watch: Shawnessy VACANT    
Block Watch: Prairie West Villas Reg MacDougall 403-279-8990  
Cascade Swim Club Summer Camps   403-263-SWIM www.cascadeswimming.com
Calgary Police Service: Midnapore Stefan Paczulla 403-296-2580 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kung Fu Jess Kung 403-256-0531  
Little League Baseball Ron Meyers 403-254-5953  
Midnapore Hockey Association Tim Rollans 403-640-4484  
Mom and Tots Ingrid Creighton 403-256-7828  
Shawnee Soccer Club Kevin Matieshin 403-256-0939  
Shawmeadows Hockey Association John Washook 403-201-4063  
South Fish Creek Recreation Community Association Les Turner 403-201-8652  
South Fish Creek Basketball southfishcreekhoops.com    
South Fish Creek Transportation Committee (SFC-TAC) Donna Elms 403-256-6176  
Sparks, Brownies, Girl Guides & Pathfinders Leeanne Smith 403-201-1265 http://www.girlguides.ca/
Youth Justice Committee Miki McClintock 403-256-3717  
Webmaster     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.